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Whether it's dirt, gravel, single track, or pavement, the best trail to take is the one you can share with your furry pacesetter.

Top Tips For Running With Your Dog

Keen to learn more? Ruffwear Europe ambassadors share their top tips for running with dogs.

  1. Build your dog up slowly with run/walks on flatter terrain so they can learn how to run and understand commands.

  2. Start to increase hiking days in the hills to adapt them to elevation and more time out on their paws.

  3. Longer hill days require more energy and hydration so bring snacks/drinks/bowls for your dog as you would for you to keep their energy up.

  4. Use a different lead/harness for running and walking as this will help your dog identify which activity they will be doing.

  5. You can't compare running on your own to running with your dog on a trail running system. These are two totally different experiences. Consider what expectations you would like for your run. If you are wanting to achieve a 5km PB on the road, would your dog enjoy this and would it be in their best interests?

  6. Keep it fun. Test out various terrain and locations - this is one of the main joys of trail running!

Trail Running Store Event

We recently partnered with adidas Terrex to host a store event at our UK competence store, Epicentre, in the Lake District. It was a great day, full of enthusiastic and committed guests. Ruffwear ambassador, Maggie Dempsey, shared her top tips for running with dogs. The guests then tried out the new trail running collection on a guided run.

We hosted a similar event in collaboration with Wonderful Wild Women. Attendees had the opportunity to try out Ruffwear gear, while also having the chance to ask questions, hear Ruffwear ambassador and Wonderful Wild Women member, Fay Preene's top tips, and most importantly, bond with their dog and other like-minded individuals on a trail run.

Running has become the biggest fitness trend of the past two years, and with over half of dog owners expressing that they have a bucket list of experiences they want to share with their dog, it's no wonder trail running with dogs has became increasingly popular.

Many Ruffwear followers expressed an interest in a similar event across UK and Europe. Why not host a trail running event at your store?

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